Making Wishes Come True

A few months ago, Make-a-Wish approached me and asked if I'd be interested in helping grant the wish of a young girl. The answer was of course yes. This young lady wanted a music video. So this past weekend, my company,, with the help of a few of my friends, some of Milwaukee's best filmmakers, got together, built an amazing set and let Ashlin and all of her friends go wild. The video will be released on April 11th at the MAW Gala. Half of her wish is for it to go viral, so we'll need your help to get as many views and shares as possible. So stay tuned. I can't say enough about the talent, graciousness, and generosity of the crew and local vendors who participated, and willingly gave of themselves, their equipment, and their time to help make this possible. We absolutely could not have done it without you. Kurt Denissen, Clay Simczyk, Scott Curty, Patrick Haley, Paul Bodi, Aaron Zimmermann, Sean Becker, Nick Shaw, Bob Donnelly, Katie Raebel, Diane Yokes, Mark Maiman, Rachel Schultz, Hunter Allen, Scott Rondeau, Bob Wiese, The Electric Sun, NAC, Drape Kings, Arena Americas, The Make-a-Wish crew, Rachel, Cal, and Ben at Props Unlimited, Studio Gear, Sweet to Eat Gifts, and the staff of Ashlin's Elementary School. #musicvideos #video #makeawish #viralvideo #videoproduction

The set we built for Ashlin’s video.

The set we built for Ashlin’s video.

Maui Channel training on track

Month 1 of Maui Channel training complete. Goal met of 10,000 yards per week (about 5.7 miles/week) for the first month. Had to do 7100 yards today (4 miles) to hit this week’s 10,000 mark. I haven’t swam that far in one work out since 1991. Dropped 6 pounds already. Only 5 pounds off my best college race weight. Time to turn it up a notch to 12,500 yards ( 7.1 miles) per week. I just wish it was in this pool behind me in this picture at U of H on Oahu.

Jimmy Poolside Hawaii.jpg