Jimmy Sammarco is, without question, one of the most gifted DPs and cinematographers in the Midwest, and perhaps the U.S. His ability to bring the world alive through the lens is unmatched in my experience. Perhaps more importantly from a business perspective, his dedication and reliability allow you to sleep better at night. If he says that he will get it done, then it will be done… and done right.
John Roush, President, Geronimo Promotional Marketing, Inc

Of course he has an artful eye and can masterfully frame up a shot, but one of his greatest assets (aside from being amazingly cool) is his passion for story. Jimmy’s ability to think critically about the intent of the narrative and offer his expertise on everything from scripts, to talent, to the final touches in the editing suite are the things that make him a rock star.
Daniel Schambow, Creative Director, Fullhouse

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jimmy Sammarco as a coworker at Fullhouse and also I’ve since hired him as a freelancer. I know that I can always count on Jimmy to deliver creative solutions to every video project. He has an amazing eye and his attention to detail ensures that every shot and every video project exceeds the clients’ expectations. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone who is looking for a creative, detail-oriented director/videographer/director of photography. And as an added bonus, he is a genuine, nice guy who is a pleasure to work with!”
Julie Salchert, Director, Sales Promotion and Integration, Northwestern Mutual

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Jimmy, and the pleasure was all mine. My background is not centered on video production, so many times I was forced to count on and trust him to “make it look right” or “fix it in post”. He always exceeded my expectations by actually making it look awesome and perfecting it in post. To say Jimmy has a keen eye and a knack for video direction and bringing out the best in every shot would be a blatant understatement. Jimmy is a consummate professional both on the shoot and behind the editing room door. But my favorite trait of his is his ability as a “creative” to involve the account-side “suits” and even invite and appreciate their feedback and ideas. Beyond all that, Jimmy is a family man and gentleman first and foremost. He’s one of my favorite people to go have a beer with, whether we’re talking shop, families or guy stuff. I hope for and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with him again someday soon.
Drew Myer, Account Executive, Red Brown Kle’ Marketing Communications

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